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The Heart Of It All

Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

Allen Newton
Taylor County Sheriff
203 N Court St., Ste 6
Campbellsville,KY 42718

Phone   270.465.4351
Fax       270.789.1870

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm


The sheriff’s duties fall into four categories: tax collection, election duties, services to court, and law enforcement. The majority of the sheriff’s time is spent on civil duties as opposed to the criminal or law enforcement.

Under the first Kentucky Constitution, the office of the Sheriff was elective and the term of office was three years. Under the second Constitution the Sheriff was nominated by the county court and appointed by the governor from the courts list of nominees. The term of office was two years (KY Const. (1799), Art. III, sec. 31) In 1850, under the third Constitution, the Sheriffs office was again made elective. The term of Office was two years ( Art. VI, sec. 4).

The present Constitution requires the election of a Sheriff in each county. His term is for four years (section 99). Before taking office he must execute bond as provided in KRS 70.020, 134.230 and 134.250. The bond required by KRS70.020 relates to the performance of his tax collection duties. He must also take the constitutional oath of office (Ky. Const., sec.228) and statutory oath of office.


  • Twenty-four years of age *Twenty-one years of age for sheriff's deputies
  • A Citizen of Kentucky
  • A resident of the Commonwealth for two years
  • A resident of the county in which he is elected one year prior of election.


Before Taking Office:

Execute a bond and take constitutional oath of office.

Term of office:

Four Years, may be re-elected.

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