The Heart Of It All

Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

Brian Smothers
Taylor Co Road Dept
180 Pleasant Drive
Campbellsville,KY 42718
Phone   270.789.1547
Fax       270.469.9522

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Taylor County Road Department

Duties of the Taylor County Road Department include:

A mowing crew consists of teams of tractors who work in different areas of the county mowing the right-of-ways. The mowing crew also has a boom mower that will be maintaining grass, trees, or other obstacles around any bridges and guardrails.

Trimming Tree
A tree trimming crew ensures low hanging limbs, or invalid trees do not block the right-of-ways.  This crew will also prevent any future problems concerning the blocking of roadways if necessary.

Maintaining a Fleet of County Equipment
The maintenance shop services the county owned equipment and department vehicles.

Repairing and installing road signs
A sign repair crew repairs or replaces county signs as needed to ensure safe travel for the residents of the county. The sign crew is also required to maintain the visibility of each sign which may require tree or occasional brush trimming.

Paving Roads
The paving crew consists of a fleet of tandem dump trucks, oil truck, standard roller and paver. Whether the paving crew is paving or patching, the safety of motorists is recognized by the “Work Zone Area“ signs. 

Snow and Ice Removal

The Taylor County Road Department is responsible for snow and ice control on county maintained roads. The Road Department removes snow and ice in order of priority. There are priority roads, secondary roads that may be part of, or lead to, a subdivision, and subdivision roads. The priority roads for snow removal were developed by identifying a basic system of roads essential to the continuation of traffic movement. The objective of the Road Department is to provide winter roadway safety to the traveling public in the most reasonable, efficient and effective manner. The amount of snow, the type of snow and/or ice, and the duration of the storm affect the time it takes to complete work on each priority road. Therefore, a specific completion time cannot be given.