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Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

Taylor County Fiscal Court

Kentucky Constitution of 1891 gave the name "Fiscal Court" to the body in each county that would act as that county's government. In Taylor County, this body consists of a County Judge Executive and six magistrates.

The Fiscal Court provides a variety of services for Taylor County taxpayers, including road maintenance, law enforcement, jail operations, solid waste collection, animal control and other basic services. The Fiscal Court is responsible for efficient use of taxpayer resources and the delivery of services within Taylor County. The County Judge Executive and the Fiscal Court determine the allocation of taxdollars by adoption of an annual budget.




Phone # 

Email Address

  Judge/Executive      Eddie Rogers  270.465.7729  judgeexec@taylorcounty.us
County Attorney John Bertram 270.465.5406 johnb@bcmllp.com
  District 1 Magistrate  James Jones  270.789.2055  doctorj12234@aol.com
  District 2 Magistrate  John Gaines  270.465.6849  johncarolyn68@windstream.net
  District 3 Magistrate Tommy Corbin  270.789.2039  tommy.corbin@taylorcounty.us
  District 4 Magistrate Zuel Yarberry      270.789.7772       
  District 5 Magistrate  Ed Gorin  270.465.3739  ERgorin@gmail.com
  District 6 Magistrate  Richard Phillips  270.465.1129 richardallenphillips@aol.com


The Taylor County Fiscal Court meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the courtroom of the Taylor County Courthouse on the 2nd floor, 203 N Court Street, Campbellsville,KY 42718. County residents are invited and encouraged to attend.