The Heart Of It All

Campbellsville-Taylor County KY

Chad Shively
Property Valuation Admin
203 North Court St
Campbellsville,KY 42718

Phone   270.465.5811
Fax       270.789.0782

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Property Valuation Administration


A Kentucky Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) is a locally elected official whose primary duty is to equitably assess the value of real and personal property. The Constitution of Kentucky requires that “All property not exempted from taxation by this Constitution shall be assessed for taxation at its Fair Cash Value, estimated at the price it would bring at a fair voluntary sale.”
This means that all property, unless specifically exempted by this Constitution, is taxable. Some exceptions are: public service companies, bank shares, omitted tangible properties and vehicles, all values which the Kentucky Department of Revenue assigns in Frankfort. The PVA does not set property tax rates, nor do they collect property taxes. The PVA is simply charged with determining the “Fair Market Value” of each property within their jurisdiction.

Office Deputies
  • Dinah Perkins
  • Shannon Taylor
  • Thad Prince
  • Erin Estes