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Debbie McNear
Solid Waste Coordinator
Recycling Center
203 N Court St., Ste 4
Campbellsville,KY 42718

Phone   270.465.7729
Fax       270.789.3675

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm


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County Recycle Center
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Waste Connections
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Solid Waste Coordinator

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The purpose of the position of Solid Waste Coordinator is to serve as the single point of contact for the coordination, implementation, and management of solid waste activities in Taylor County, Kentucky. The Solid Waste Coordinator will implement the county's Solid Waste Management Plan, as well as other responsibilities as shall be prescribed in the County administrative Code and other duties as assigned by the Judge/Executive. This position is considered and treated as a full time position.

The Solid Waste Coordinator is perpetually updating or improving the existing waste collection and disposal systems and is responsible for managing the County's solid waste franchise agreements. Our current franchised county waste hauler is Waste Connections. The coordinator is responsible for developing enforcement procedures and law enforcement agencies coordination. This person also works with the county attorney to amend or develop new solid waste ordinances. The Solid Waste Coordinator maintains a comprehensive inventory of open dumps and coordinates the cleanup of open dumps.

Minor duties include attending, participating, and facilitating communication on behalf Taylor County, as directed by the Judge/Executive, at all meetings at which Taylor County Government has a presence as it pertains to solid waste. These duties also include representing the County at civic activities and community events as directed by the Judge/Executive.

The Solid Waste Coordinator compiles and presents solid waste information and provides technical assistance to the Fiscal Court and county employees. He/she provides information to the public on solid waste issues and activities and will establish a public education program. This program will include public awareness activities in source reduction, recycling, and composting; articles in local papers, workshops, forums, press releases, giving speeches before civic organizations and communities on waste management issues and topics, interagency liaison work, and identifying recycling facilities accepting area recyclables.


The PRIDE initiative promotes Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment in 38 counties in Southern and Eastern Kentucky.

The PRIDE initiative was launched in 1997 by Congressman Hal Rogers and the late General James Bickford, former Secretary of the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet. Their vision was to restore the natural beauty of their native region by encouraging citizens to take responsibility for protecting their environment and by providing the education and resources they need to do so.

The PRIDE initiative is coordinated by Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc., a nonprofit organization. It links citizens with the resources of local, state, and federal agencies to improve the region's water quality, clean up solid waste problems, and advance environmental education.

Eastern Kentucky PRIDE has developed a variety of programs over the years, including PRIDE Community Grants for local cleanup projects, PRIDE SuperGrants for removing massive illegal dumps, PRIDE Wastewater Construction Grants for expanding sewer services, PRIDE Homeowner Septic System Grants for low-income homeowners, and PRIDE Environmental Education Grants for hands-on stewardship lessons .

Contact your local PRIDE Coordinator to learn about volunteer opportunities in your community.

Debbie McNear 270.465.7729



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